Hoop House Adventure

Put up the hoop house this week! Took a Farmer’s Friend cat. Tunnel and framed some endwalls on it. I couldn’t have done all this without the help of my friends and neighbors who took the time to sink some rebar, frame some studs and pull some plastic. Next week, onions will be the first tenants of the house.

In less glorious news, I’ve also been cleaning out the barn. The place has so many random nails that it looks like a Mad Max set. It’ll house our workshop, walk-in cooler and wash/pack station.

The NW and the SW winds have been duking it out around here, making for a turbulent few weeks. The gusts are quick to undress the silage tarps I’ve laid down to smother the grass in time for planting. You can see the lime green progress being made in one of the photos here.

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